All Breed Chase Ability

In 2016, the CKC approved the Chase Ability Program, geared toward all breeds and mixes to compete in a modified lure course event. 

CAP  is open to all purebred and mixed-breed dogs who are at least 12 months of age. Your dog must be individually registered with the CKC; or have an Event Registration Number (ERN); or have a Performance Event Number (PEN); or eligible for registration with the CKC (called Listed and an additional event fee paid to the CKC); or have a Miscellaneous Certificate Number (MCN) if it belongs to a CKC listed breed; or have a Canine Companion Number (CCN) if it’s a mixed-breed.

The dogs run one of two course lengths, 300 and 600 yards (273 and 545 meters). The short course shall be for dogs shorter than 12 inches at the withers and/or brachycephalic (flat-faced) dogs. The long course shall be used by all dogs not eligible to run the short distance. A course shall be designed with the safety of participants as a high priority.

CAP is a pass/fail event. Dogs should complete the course with enthusiasm and without stopping to “smell the roses” and MUST run by themselves.

Keeper, owned by Paul & Steve

 There are three titles dogs may earn doing the Chase Ability Program which are added as a suffix to the dog’s name:

  • Chase Ability (CA): a dog that receives three passes under at least two different judges. 

  • Chase Ability Excellent (CAX): a dog that passes the Chase Ability event a total of ten times (CA + 7 additional passes). 

  • Chase Ability Excellent 2 (CAX 2): a dog that passes the Chase Ability Event a total of 20 times (CAX + 10). 

For every further 10 passes the dog may add a higher number after the CAX (CAX 3, CAX 4, etc.)